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     International Recording Artist
Da Baysta "Corterian Wright"aka "Bay" aka "East Side President"
Born in Memphis, TN


This international recording artist has a story to tell and does it through his music.  Corterian "Da Baysta" Wright has lived his entire life in Memphis, Tennessee and hails from Parkway Village and Sheffield schools.  Everyone knows him as the "East Side President" or "Lil Bay" as he is from East Memphis and built his initial fan base from the area.  Da Baysta is very diverse when it comes to his life and his music.  Some call him a human chameleon due to his ability to adapt to every place, every situation, every person that he encounters. He does not look for pity in regards to his less fortunate upbringing because it has formed him into the man he has become today.  Da Baysta grew into a strong man quickly because he was the man of the house and never really had a childhood.  He lived the street life.  He did not have the "Huxtable family" just a regular family and his family are his biggest supporters.  Da Baysta's true inspiration comes from his Mom who has always supported and loved him unconditionally regardless of what he was doing or where had ended up.  MUSIC is Da Baysta's therapy and his passion.  Da Baysta says the MUSIC is his motivation.


Recently Da Baysta has been moving all around the United States and performing city to city and state to state.  Soon to be heading overseas starting in Germany and giving his fans what they have been asking for. His hit song "WAKE UP" is taking the music industry like a wild fire.  With his second single "Fallin In Love" catering to the ladies he is giving his fans everywhere a touch of how versitile he is. Every song on his upcoming album captivates and gets your thinking if not up on your feet.  Stay tuned for all the latest news and join Da Baysta Fan Club.


Also, recently joining Cypher City Radio as     a radio personality at   His afternoon radio show is "The Hangout" and has daily topics, indie music and the latest celebrity news as well as comedy.  The ratings are skyrocketing daily in the US and internationally


Download the Cypher City Radio App on iTunes & Google Play today!  Listen to his show live and get to know Da Baysta  

Da Baysta



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